Home-Based Mobile Advertising Targeting Home Sellers & Buyers

From Native Advertising to Google Ads, MLO Media has you covered. Precisely reach home buyers in your area who have visited your or your competitor’s listings and/or have been searching online for a new home through our Geofencing Technology made especially for Real Estate Agents.

Made for Real Estate Agents

Our technology enables real estate agents to create hyper-local audiences with pinpoint precision. Through the use of addressable geofencing and demographic data, MLO Media’s performance is unmatched.


Target Audiences with the Power of Geofencing Technology

Target from zip codes to neighborhoods; coffee shops to grocery stores; parking lots to train stations; major employers to local businesses. It surpasses the reach of digital flyers for community outreach because your potential customers have your ads at hand!

Serve mobile ads to the people who live at specific addresses or frequent important neighborhood locations. Drive website visitors and new leads with action oriented banner ads. Your ads show up in a highly vetted list of websites and mobile apps so you can be sure your personal brand is safe.


Drive brand awareness, traffic to your website, and, most importantly, new leads!


Before buying a home, consumers will visit a number of websites or apps that may influence their decision. We’ll place your advertisement in front of them at a key point in the buying process. As your potential buyer stops around town at competitive listings or points of interest, we’ll match your ad to the spot for prime consideration.


Supporting Services for Real Estate Agents

Google Ads/ Retargeting

Audio Advertising

Native Advertising


Web Design & Branding

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